Great Barrier 2023

June 21, 2023

Hillcrest High School has just concluded the delivery of two months of the Great Barrier Experience for Yr 10 students on Aotea/Great Barrier Island.

The two, four week programmes went extremely well with students gaining a wide range of experiences and personal high points. The boys course experienced a mixed bag of weather that created great opportunities for the development of teamwork and resilience. The girls course had better weather and they were fortunate to experience an enhanced water programme with beach and sailing activities thrown in.

All of the students were exceptional in their commitment and participation on this course. There were so many situations in which the students worked collaboratively and independent of staff and instructors. Leadership, teamwork and initiative abounded across the two courses and it was particularly satisfying to see these large groups of students bonding within the shared experience.

Paddock to Plate, community visits, op shopping, environmental work, team building activities, outdoor pursuits, classroom sessions, inspirational talks, fishing, independent living, cooking, washing, Okiwi primary school visit and living within the wider communities of Orama, and Great Barrier all shaped and influenced the eclectic experience we call ‘The Great Barrier Experience’.

This experience is designed to offer up “opportunities” across a wide range of areas that the students can interact with and learn. The students were exceptional this year and we are tremendously proud of their collective and personal achievements.

A huge thank you to parents and students for picking up and supporting this experience. A huge thank you to the staff that supported the students at Great Barrier Island. They are a vital and valued part of the experience. In collaboration with the instructors, their care, work and inspiration shaped this successful year (Mr Turner, Mr Stevenson, Mr Hall, Ms Hirst, Mrs Kennedy and Miss Downie).