Parents are able to view their statement of account at any time through the KAMAR portal by clicking here. We also send out regular statements of account.

There may be fees charged to parents and these will depend on the choices your child makes for their learning and if they partake in extracurricular activities. This charge is due for payment when committed to and will be loaded to your student’s KAMAR account.

PLEASE NOTE:  We use Flo2Cash as our payment provider for online payments. Flo2Cash charges a 2% surcharge on credit/debit card payments. This surcharge will be added to your online payments, up to a maximum of $5.00. The School will absorb any surcharge over that cap.

Internet Banking

  • Bank account name:  Hillcrest High School BOT

  • Bank account number:  12-3249-0085461-00

  • Reference:  Please include the student’s school ID number and name

  • Particulars:  Please include what the payment is for


We only accept credit cards online.

Payment via credit card or visa debit card can be made by using the KAMAR parent portal.

Eftpos payments can also be at the accounts office