Digital Technologies Auckland Trip

June 22, 2023

On Wednesday 14th June at 5:45am the day started for twenty senior Digital Technologies students, here is Zoe’s review from the trip:

This year, 20 Digital Technologies students went on an overnight trip to Auckland to learn
about digital technology career opportunities and options for further study beyond highschool. We took the Te Huia train to and from Auckland and stayed in the welcoming LyloHostel where we slept in pods for the night. Our trip began with a visit to AucklandUniversity, where we learned about computer science and got a tour of the engineeringschool. After this, we visited Weta Workshops and the All Blacks experience which showedus different ways digital technologies can be applied. The next day we got to visit Google’samazing office as well as Rocketwerkz, a game development company who has made asuccessful survival game called Icarus. These visits gave us insight on how thesecompanies function, which we could be working at someday. We also visited the MediaDesign School which was intriguing as we were able to see outcomes that students hadcreated as well as see the inside of the school that seemed like a lovely place to study.Finally, we visited AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services. My highlights of the tripwere being able to have fun with everyone in group activities and seeing the well designedoffices. This trip made me think about my future after school and gave me valuable insightinto different companies.

Look out for this opportunity next year!