Coal boiler Decommissioning at Hillcrest High School

September 7, 2023

After faithfully serving Hillcrest High School for decades, the trusty boilers that have kept the school warm and cozy are set to retire. Starting from September 15th, these stalwart heating systems will be decommissioned, marking the end of an era.

Countless students and staff have relied on their warmth through the seasons, forging memories and enduring chilly mornings. As we bid farewell to these faithful machines, we reflect on their legacy of comfort and service, looking ahead to the greener, more efficient energy solutions that will take their place, ushering in a new chapter for Hillcrest High School.

The new system that will be installed during the Summer months is a modern wood pellet burning boiler that will follow in the footsteps of the coal boilers by heating water that is circulated around the school through radiators in the Classrooms. The big difference is that Coal emits toxic and carcinogenic substances into the air and the wood pellet burning boiler emits very small amounts of harmful substances.

Pictured is Craig Snelling who has been working at the school for 30 years as a Groundsman and during that period has been in charge of maintaining the daily maintenance of the Boiler system in the Winter season which has included daily de clinkering/gauge checking and any problems that the system through at him.