On Friday the 24th of March, Mrs Cristina Howard-Shi and myself took a few Year 11 students (those who could make it) to the local Alliance Française during period 4 and over lunchtime. The students were exposed to 10 common sayings in French and then did a Kahoot afterwards to see if they could remember them. The winner on the day was Olivia Mills. Bravo à toi, Olivia!
There wouldn’t be a French meeting without “proper” gourmet cuisine and so … the students were also treated to crêpes made by the two local French teachers. Yes, French pancakes can be gourmet cuisine and judging by the second (third?) helping the students had, they indeed tasted good!
A massive merci to Mrs Howard-Shi for being a part of this culinary/cultural/linguistic outing!

Mr Menard, Teacher of French