2024 Waikato Management School Leadership Academy

July 1, 2024

Starting early in Term 1 we had a number of Year 13 students participate in the Waikato Management School at The University of Waikato’s Leadership Academy.

Beginning with a hui at The Pā where schools from all around the motu looked at all aspects of leadership. The course was broken into three days on campus and there were also readings that were completed over the semester by each student. 

The first day on campus was about understanding what leadership is and can look like and getting to know other students from around the Central North Island. Students were then expected to interview someone they viewed as a leader and compare their findings with theory readings about leadership.

The second day on campus was group presentations that explored leaders and the ways they led. This took some out of their comfort zone, but was a positive experience as each group presented their work to the whole cohort.