2024 School Ball

July 1, 2024

Our 2024 Ball may have been the best one yet!

On Saturday, 8th of June the year 12s and 13s dove into the annual Hillcrest High school ball, the ‘Secrets of the Sea’. 

From the captivating decorations, to the gorgeous gowns and suits, to the wild dance moves on the dance floor, The evening was definitely not one to miss, and a testament to the months of preparation and work that lead up to it from all parties involved.

Walking into the university was like being transported into an underwater dream, with the jaw dropping centre piece of it all being the beautiful, glowing jellyfish gliding above the dance floor. Not only was the venue breathtaking, but the atmosphere both the students and teachers brought to the evening was what made the night so incredible; we thank you all for being so amazing.

A special thank you to Sarah Stevens, Alexander Mathieson, Noah Standring, Erika Piper, the Ball Committee and our Year 11 student helpers for making the evening such a success.

An extra special thank you to all the companies that helped throughout the planning process and our deputy principal, Mrs Ganley; the evening would not have happened without the help and support from them.