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Student Services

Student services, advice, polices and forms for the day-to-day structure and well-being of Hillcrest High Students.


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2019 Stationery

We encourage you to support the school by purchasing your stationery from MySchool - Click here

Stationery list:

2019 Workbooks & Subject Fees List

Subject fees and workbooks have been automatically charged to accounts based on the current timetable. Use the appropriate Workbook/Subject Fee list if you wish to make changes.

Pastoral Care

After a student is enrolled, they are placed in a horizontal form class with other students of the same age and stage as they are. The form teacher has responsibility for this group of young people as they progress through the school in consultation with the Dean and Assistant Dean who have the responsibility for the welfare and administration for a form level and who work in partnership with the Form teacher. Contact with the school regarding a student should first be made through the appropriate form teacher or Dean.

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Health Clinic

The Health Clinic is staffed by two registered nurses who share the provision of health services during school hours. The clinic is available for students who require acute medical treatment for accidents and injuries that happen at school, and for those who would like health information.

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